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Be Part Of The Next Promoter Box Co-Op Album Project. Get Your Music Released to Radio Stations (both on-the-air & internet stations), and Music Fans seeking new music.

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Promoter Box is a Co-Op album released monthly. This could also be compared to a compilation or mixtape, but for all music styles including:


Pop – Rock – Hip Hop – Metal – Country

Acoustic – Jazz – Blues – Gospel – R&B

Reggae – Electronic – And More!



Since 1996 we’ve been promoting various styles of music to new listeners. Each Promoter Box is made available to 25,000+ music industry connections, and 500,000+ music fans via Email, RSS Feed, Social Media, Banner Ads, and more. The music is downloadable in one click (AlbumZip)! This allows the music industry and fans to get your music fast and easy!


>Your music available to 25,000+ radio DJs, station managers, blogs, social media, and more
>Radio DJs direct their listeners to your music on the digital album
>Your music available to 500,000+ music fans through email, and social media
>Make new music fans when they receive a promotional copy of your song(s)
>Send the Promoter Box digital album featuring your song and more great music from around the world to your fans and connections

Plus you’ll gain even more exposure from cross-promotion between other musicians & bands! You will be able to share Promoter Box with everyone in your reach whether it’s through email, social media, or by word of mouth!


Music Industry

Music Fans

*Radio Stations (FM Broadcast) *Email Subscribers
*Internet Radio Stations *Banners &Text Ads
*iTunes Radio / Podcasts *Press Release Sites
*Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube
*Music Magazines & Zines
*Music Industry Web Sites *RSS Feed


Promoter Box is also submitted to top Search Engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing) over 1000 Search Directories, 100’s of Blogs, Press Release Publishing Sites, and dozens of Bookmarking Sites for promotional purposes! Plus, Promoter Box Co-Op albums are easily sharable on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other sites!


>Your Music in the next Promoter Box (Released Monthly!)
>Your Music available for promotional purposes to music industry
>Your Music available for promotional purposes to music fans
>Your Artist Name featured in a widely distributed press release
>You get a Full Report showing you where your music has been promoted
>You get a “DIY” kit for access to banners, and printable flyers & download cards
>You get 365 days of promotion 24/7 with the digital album available worldwide!

COST: The total cost is only an $89 registration fee. There are no additional charges.

Upgrade: Get a second song in the next Promoter Box sent to music industry and music fans, with full reporting for only $40 additional.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Your music will be included in the next Promoter Box when you sign up today. If you are not completely satisfied with our service, you will be entitled to our Money Back Guarantee anytime before the mastering of the Promoter Box digital album featuring your song(s). Therefore, we invite you to try this service with no risk to you.

soundmeterBonus: Your Music will be enhanced for the album through Pro Sound Mastering to optimized volume, and improvements using EQ and compression with “Deluxe Mastering”! However, if your song is already mastered, minimum (or no) changes will be made with an exception of optimizing volume to match other songs! Value $40

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INSTRUCTIONS: Signing up is simple and fast! 1.) Fill out the form, 2.) submit payment, and 3.) send us your music using the easy submission form.Please be prepared to send us your music within a reasonable time.

(Credit card payments accepted. We also accept payments with PayPal.)

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Question: What exactly is Promoter Box?
Answer: Promoter Box is a Co-Op album designed to promote independent music to music fans and music industry. It is made available free for promotional purposes while reaching thousands of computers, mobile phones, MP3 players, and other electronic devices worldwide.

Question: Who can sign up to be part of this great project?
Answer: we include music from USA and International Artists and Bands. If you have original recorded music, then we welcome you to sign up to include your original song(s).

Question: What happens after I sign up for this service?
Answer: We will schedule your music to be included for promotional purposes in the next Promoter Box released on the third Wednesday of each month. Your music will be made available to music industry and music fans through this unique service for promoting independent Musicians and Bands!

Question: How do you guys get so many people interested in my music?
Answer: By making your song(s) available as a free promotional download through our massive list of resources, Music Industry Contacts and Fans can listen to your music and decide for themselves if they are interested in your music! This can result in something as exciting as airplay, or making new Music Fans whether someone receives the latest music through Promoter Box.

Question: Can you give me some examples of places that help promote the Promoter Box monthly release?
Answer: Sure! Besides the massive number of radio DJs and music fans that receive Promoter Box via email, social networks, etc., we also make Promoter Box available through advertising in popular magazines. Promoter Box has been featured on web sites like: Rockwired Magazine, Oddy Central, 3000 Records,, and more! Note: Yes, we advertise Promoter Box via email, social media, and tons of web sites so your music gets the exposure you deserve.

Question: How is the music made available to promotional contacts?
Answer: We make music available when they download a (.Zip) file. Every song (MP3) included is made available so that all songs can be downloaded for promotional purposes only. This allows your music to be discovered by an unlimited amount of people including Music Fans and Music Industry Contacts from around the world.

Question: How long will my music be marketed and promoted?
Answer: The marketing and promotional benefits will begin immediately after the release of the Promoter Box (digital album). The promotional benefits are ongoing, and can continue for years as new listeners discover your music.

Question: What is the title of the Co-Op album released each month?
Answer: The album is titled “Promoter Box” featuring great music from around the world. Each album is released by Volume Number, so it would look like this: Promoter Box Vol. 3, 4, 5, 6, etc

Question: How will I know if a DJ is playing my song, or if anyone else is interested in my music?
Answer: While your music is available for free to anyone who would like a promotional copy of your song(s), we only know how many times your music has been downloaded. We do not call radio stations on your behalf, or track who decides to play your song on radio, or elsewhere. However, you can search online through Google to see where your song turns up. Keep in mind, by signing up, you are offering a free sample track of your music, with no strings attached. Note: When you sign up, we will be sending you a free copy of our guide “Airplay Tracking Guide For Musicians” to show you the best ways to easily track any airplay you receive! You will be able to find out where your song is being played through Nielsen BDS, Soundscan, and Soundexchange for tracking your airplay on radio (on-the-air) and online stations. Note: You will Not be charged a fee to sign up with these tracking services, and we will show you how to get started at no extra charge.

Question: How much does this cost?
Answer: Currently the price is only $89. You will also have the option to include an additional song for $40 more. This is a one time fee.

Question: When is the deadline to sign up?
Answer: The deadline is the 15th day of each month to be included in the current month’s promotion.

Question: Will you sell my music for me?
Answer: No. We only offer the marketing and promotion of your music. There are many great services to handle the sales transaction when selling your music. However, our focus is on getting the word out about your music and find many new listeners, fans, plus potential buyers of your music for you.

Question: How will new listeners be able to find my own web site, contact me, or possibly buy my album?
Answer: We will make a link available to your own web site (CD Baby, iTunes page, etc…) so anyone who discovers your music will be able to find you online easily!

oldfashionedradioQuestion: I still don’t understand how “Promoter Box” works?
Answer: Ok, let’s do a quick overview! Since 1996, independent record label 3000 Records has been promoting music. Promoter Box (organized by 3000 Records) is an exciting new project designed to distribute promotional copies of your song(s) to music industry contacts and music fans.The music is sent using a “zip file” (AlbumZip). The AlbumZip allows for people to download a bunch of songs at one time to their computer, phone, or MP3 player. Your song will be included in our monthly promotion which will include a variety of songs for new listeners to discover! The music is distributed online through email subscribers including on-the-air radio stations, online radio, music podcasts, music fans, and more, plus promoted through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. This is also submitted to search engines, directories, blogs, and bookmarking sites. The result is your music discovered by interested Music Fans, and Music Industry Contacts throughout the web, including radio DJs, other places like magazines, and interested record labels.

Question: Can I also promote this to my current Fan Base?
Answer: Yes! We also make an effort utilize the connections of each participating Musician and Band. When you or another Musician or Band uses a Promoter Box banner, text link, or shares printed material (Ex: flyers, download cards, etc.) you will be part of a bigger picture. Everyone rises up, when everyone gets involved! We want you to be empowered as we do our part to promote your music to the Music Industry and new Listeners. Note: Musicians and Bands who participate get our “DIY” Kit for promoting with banners, text links, or even print their own flyers and download cards to help get the word out.

Question: Ok, let’s do this! How can I sign up?
Answer: First, select your sign up option, complete your payment, and send your music (MP3 format). Feel free to reach us at (586) 480-3000 or +01.586.480.3000 international, to speak to a live customer service person.

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Question: This is a really great way to promote music! Do you have an easy way for me to share this with others?
Answer: Yes! Part of the reason our services are priced so low is because we don’t spend much on advertising. Instead, we rely on folks like you to tell their friends, and other people to help get the word out! Just use one of our share links or tell others about Promoter Box the old fashioned way:

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